Deep Seed Games is about making the best rpg’s you’ve ever played.

Storytelling has always been central to RPGs, but unfortunately the kinds of stories being told has often been limited by the lack of diversity in who is telling the story, and who the stories are about.  With Deep Seed Games I want to share the creativity which comes from bringing a different set of experiences.

Blogs like Border House and Racialicious are doing a lot of advocacy on the problems that videogames and the media in general have in reflecting the diversity of their audience, and there have been a lot of great signs of progress.  I’m just impatient.  I’m tired of waiting for other people to “get it.”  Thanks to free and low-cost software like RPG Maker, Inkscape, and GIMP, it’s possible for pretty much anyone to make their own videogame.  So I figured, why not give it a shot?

But this site isn’t just about me.  I’ll use this space to share what I’ve learned, provide resources, and offer feedback to you and anyone else who’d like to give it a try.