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Portrait Description
Nia is a young woman who grew up in a small island community.  She soon finds herself separated from her homeland and lost in a world that is no longer hospitable to humankind.  She must discover her talents soon if she is to survive this journey.
Manyara A childhood friend of Nia’s, Manyara is well known for her swordsmanship.  As a member of the local militia, she has become frustrated by the lack of opportunities to exercise her skills.  She has a strong personal sense of justice, but little respect for government, politics, and other people’s rules in general.  She greatly values loyalty and trust in her friends.
 Chinyelu in blue Chinyelu is the eldest child of a wealthy household, and lives just a few houses down the street from Nia.  As an officer in the local militia, she has developed her natural talents for politics and negotiation, which she regularly employs to resolve conflicts peacefully.  On rare occasions when force is necessary, she relies on her heavy armor and shield, plus a bit of healing magic to protect and support her allies.
 Chike in a camoflauge jacket Chike is Chinyelu’s younger brother.  He is a skilled hunter, and enjoys the solitude of the forest.  When combat is necessary his hunting spear is equally useful for self-defense.  Like his sister, he has learned a bit of magic, although his skills focus on weakening or distracting his adversaries enough to capture or escape.  Generally speaking, Chike prefers to avoid conflict entirely whenever possible.