Reflection Writing

Getting organized

One of the big struggles for me in working on this project has been organization.  While RPG Maker is a great tool for RPG development, Nia’s Journey has some particular challenges that have made writing within the RPG Maker editor difficult.  On a basic level it’s pretty straightforward to add dialogue, but since I’m planning to include a lot of branching in the story, it can be difficult to keep track of what has or has not happened in previous scenes.

I just recently learned about a great writing tool called Ywriter that I hope will make it much easier to write more consistently without having to stop so often to try to remember everything that may or may not have happened in the past that would be relevant to each scene.

Although Ywriter is designed primarily for writing novels, not games, the ability to organize the story by scenes, chapters, and sections fits perfectly with what I need to write more effectively for this project.  In Ywriter, I can quickly see who was in a prior scene, what items were relevant, where it took place, as well as a summary of what happened.  It even allows me to import images such as character portraits.

Going forward, I’d like to try focusing more on writing outside of RPG Maker, so that I can import the dialogue and script characters’ behavior with a clear understanding of how the scene should play out.  Hopefully this approach will allow me to work more efficiently on this aspect of the project.